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MHL Systems testimonials


Bountiful City, Utah, has been using MHL Systems Carbide Tungsten Plow Blades on our plow truck fleet for the past eight years. They have been very cost effective to us as we receive triple the life as compared to the non-carbide tungsten blades previously used. We would change the 12-foot double stacked non-carbide plows on our 22 plow truck fleet at least once, sometimes twice, a year. We have been getting 2 to 2-1/2 years out of one set of carbide tungsten blades. The 4-foot sections we purchase are much easier to install for our employees than the one piece blade.

I highly recommend the carbide tungsten plow blades from MHL Systems. Their service and quality of work is excellent.

Gary Blowers
Street Department Director
Bountiful City, Utah


My public Works Department trades with MHL Systems because we receive an excellent product, from a company we trust. Chip gives us a heads up prior to price increases so we can check our inventory and order ahead of the price increase. Orders are processed very timely, so we can count on the product getting here as needed.

Mike Murray, Commissioner
Lewis & Clark County
316 N. Park
Helena, MT. 59624


Having known Chip for a good many years, and working with him as a businessman and friend, Chip with MHL has shown me more times than one he has a superior product with the MHL snowplow blades and the bits for Scarifier systems.

I have tried other types of snowplow blades but I always come back to the MHL system for longevity. The same applies for the bits I use. If Chip can find a way to help save me money and provide a product this good I'll buy from Chip.

Thanks for all your help and Friendship now and in the future.

Shaun Childers - Maintenance Supervisor
Power County Highway District
American Falls, Idaho 83211