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Scarifier Repair

Scarifier Repair

MHL Scarifier System Rebuilding and Repair Program:
MHL systems can rebuild and repair your system even after years of use.

Due to the work-hardening of the manganese steel in

MHL system rebuilds leave the facility with more strength and wear-ability compared to new scarifier systems.

  1. Carbide teeth and retainers are removed
  2. The complete system is decontaminated
  3. (3/4" or 1") thick Rear-Bars are removed and 1" [MAG/500] Rear-Bars installed
  4. Any tool holder corners in need of repair are rebuilt
  5. New (1/2") [MAG/500] Full Front Protection Plates with either (5/8") or (3/4") bolt holes
  6. All new retainers are installed
  7. Any original teeth with useable carbide are cleaned and installed
  8. All unusable teeth are replaced with the New Carbide Teeth with Hardened Washers [C-87-WFRKCSB]
  9. Complete system is cleaned and painted
  10. The rebuilt system is shipped to the customer using

End view of worn tool holder before and same tool holder with new front protection plate, rear bars, and plow holes converted from (5/8") to accept (3/4")

Rear view of worn corner before and after being repaired


Front view of corner before and after being repaired


When the scarifier system leaves our facility, the system will have more strength and wear-ability compared to a new scarifier system. It is our intent that every MHL Scarifier System sold by MHL Systems will have a considerably longer wear-life beyond all competitors.