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Replacement Manganese Loader Blades

Replacement Manganese Loader Blades

At MHL Systems we make replacement manganese loader blades for ALL makes and models. Give us a call and let us know what you need.

MHL Systems Reversible MAG/400 Bolt-on Loader Blades
All Manganese Loader Blades Carry a (100%) Warranty Against Breakage
Cross Section View of Typical Bolt-on Reversible Loader Blades
Reversible [MAG/400] Heavy-Duty B
How to Select the Right Edge
Use the following diagram to select the right edge for your bucket:
      A: Length       B: Width       C: Bevel Degree
or Bevel Length
      D: Bolt Hole Spacing
Can be different
from Hole to Hole
      E: Bolt Hole
Size of
Sq Punch
      F: Thickness