About Us

As of November 30th 2018, MHL Systems will celebrate its Thirty-Third (33rd) year since we assumed the challenges resulting from an Industry that has proven to be exceedingly difficult to gain the necessary trust and reliance from ALL customers without exception.


We know the industry better than anybody and understand the quality of products needed every day that our products are used. We build the longest lasting blades by using only the highest quality Manganese Steel and Carbide Tungsten Inserts that are completely made in the [USA].


Because of the quality of our products and the manufacturing knowledge learned from years of field-testing, ALL products shipped from this facility carry a (100%) Warranty against breakage during the wear-life of each product without exception.


Our unique Snow Plow Systems, Heavy-duty and Severe-duty Scarifier Systems, Grader Blade Systems, and all of our Carbide-Manganese ground engaging road maintenance products fundamentally can become stronger and more durable as they wear. While conducting field-tests using many of our products during the first five years, we found three grades of Manganese Steel to be the most suitable due to the work-hardening ability, cost of the material, and the proceeds resulting from the wear-life invested in each product.


Due to conditions being completely different from one area to the next, MHL Systems has designed and produced Carbide-Manganese Road Maintenance Products to assist with overcoming these various conditions.


MHL Systems invites you to call us (800) 999-7517, and let us provide our ability, quality, service, and most of all, our trust with whatever your needs are. We would be happy to give you names of customers that are near you or using the same products that we recommend to you.


Thank you,


Chip LeSueur (Owner)