MHL Systems new rear support system carbide round dowels.

Four foot MHL heavy-duty scarifier system tool holder with carbide dowl segments used as rear-support bars. Operating on the rear-side of the tool holder can be allowed as part of an operators personal style of blading.

All MHL Systems tool holders can be retrofitted with this unparalleled long-wearing item when it is time for rebuilding, repairing, or modifying the system.

Along with the total gram-weight within the tool holders, these unequaled pieces add 17 carbide dowels per foot, or 68 per 4-foot tool holder.

The half inch spacing between these 3/4 inch tall dowels provide easy penetration of the road surface and the creation of valuable material for a smoother road base.

It is recommended that operators take time to occasionally inspect this area to determine the amount of carbide left to be used.

Scarifier Blade Attack Angle

Gallatin County Road Department, Bozema, MT.