Dual Carbide Blades

Dual-Carbide Blades with a New Improved Braze
and a More Wear-Resistant Steel Body

Engineered specifically to reduce costs
associated with replacement part inventory,
downtime, labor, and overall operations

> Available exclusively through Kennametal – the only
manufacturer of this innovative blade.
> Outlasts imbedded carbide granule-style blades.
> Features a universal bolt-hole and a variety of available lengths
tor maximum compatibility.
> Dual-carbide tungsten insert blades, specifically designed for
high-abrasion and low-impact applications to stay straight;
maintain a sharp, clean edge; and stop crowning:
– First insert is formulated with our proprietary macrocrystalline
carbide grade tor toughness and impact resistance and
mounts on the front of blade.
– Second insert is made from a wear-resistant carbide grade
and mounts directly behind the first insert to resist wear
caused by blade down pressure and abrasion.
> Backed by a comprehensive warranty program.

Dual-Carbide Blade Accessories
MAG/500 x (1/2″) thick Cover Blades are essential when operating Dual-Carbide Grader Blades in
extremely abrasive conditions. Because the non-carbide portion of the Dual-Carbide blade is a much
softer material, the wash within the front portion of the blade causes the bolt-heads to wear before
all of the Carbide is consumed. Therefore, these extremely wear-resistant Cover Blades provide the
additional wear needed to consume the entire amount of Carbide.
Users should know that it is not necessary to install these Face Cover Blades when a new system is
installed . . . only when the bolt-heads are in jeopardy of maintaining the blade on the Grader
Moldboard. It is MHL ·s feeling that when the bolt-heads can no longer secure the Dual-Carbide
Blades to the Grader, the MAG/500 Face Cover Blades should then be installed. With this
procedure, we know of users where a set of the Cover Blades will last long enough to protect
and give the necessary wear-life to (3-4) sets of Dual-Carbide Blades.