Features and Warranty




  1. All MHL Interlocking Snow Plow Blades must consist of Attached Kennametal Carbide Tungsten Insert Specifications.   Length & Size to be Determined.


  1. The Standard Interlocking Blades use an (MAG/500) Wear-Material that is (3/4″) thick x 4″ wide.  It is positioned so that the abrasion-resistant Carbide Inserts receive maximum protection.  The design prevents loss of the Carbide Inserts and Premature failure of the Carbide Blade.


  1. Also, with the addition of our Armor-500 Plates, the same breakage regulation governs Carbide Snow Plow Blades regardless of the thickness used (1/4″-3/8″-½”) for protection of the Kennametal Carbide Inserts within the blades purchased from MHL Systems.


  1. Because the top edge of the Interlocking (MAG/500) Material or the (Armor-500) Plates are positioned above the top edge of the Carbide Inserts, all of the Carbide can be consumed in each blade throughout the entire length of the Snow Plow.  Therefore, there is less to throw away and waste is minimized when the blade is finally worn out.


  1. Each 3′, 4′, 5′, & 6′ Blade Section is fabricated with (authentic & verified) Interlocking Joints that provide greater strength at the locations where the blades are joined together.  This ensures the blade is uniformly strong throughout the entire length.


  1. The “V-Grooves” for welding are provided for each blade.  These also serve as “Wear-Indicators” and enable the operator or maintenance crew to see at a glance how much Carbide is left in each blade.


  1. The  3′, 4′, 5′, & 6′ Blades are either 5″ or 6″ wide and easy to handle when being installed or changed.  The Plow Bolts used are also shorter than the Plow Bolts used in typical Carbide Blades with ordinary Impact Blades, requiring less labor and cost.



MHL Systems Warranty states that we guarantee all materials against breakage during the complete wear-life of the Snow Plow Blade.  If any part of the (MAG/500) Interlocking material or any welded area breaks while there remains Carbide Tungsten Inserts to be worn, the blade will be replaced along with the adjacent blades which make up the entire length of the Snow Plow Blade.  Example: Should one 4′ MHL Interlocking Carbide Snow Plow Blade break which is a section of a 12′ Snow Plow Blade consisting of three (3) pcs x 4′, MHL Systems will replace all three (3) Carbide Blades making up the 12′ original Snow Plow Blade.  This is an unconditional warranty which helps MHL Systems to stand alone as there are no other manufacturers using this Warranty policy.