History of MHL Systems

Fabricated from Kennametal’s Carbide Tungsten Insert Blades and MHL’s [MAG500] Steel, our best Impact and Wear-Resistant material, these  blades will produce excellent service and exceptional Wear-Life  while plowing snow.

Twenty-nine (29) years ago (1992), MHL Systems designed and introduced the unique INTERLOCKING type Snow Plow System that replaced the age-old [entire-length, hazardous to install] front protection material.

During the early years of MHL Systems, when users changed Carbide blades, we recognized an exhausting problem.  It has always been a major issue to overcome uneven wear as to Carbide Blades.  Most of the time, there remained unused Carbide due to uneven Wear along the length of the blade.  The unused Carbide was not only costly, but crucial to existing operational budgets.

It was then when MHL Systems designed (3′, 4′, 5′ & 6′) Carbide Blades with Carbide Castings Embedded into the Interlocking [MAG500] material.  By using (1) x 4′ Blade, either on one end or the other of (1) x 12′ (3pc) Carbide Blade, the additional Wear-Life received from these Embedded Castings helped to eliminate unused Carbide when time for changing blades.

Due to a significant increase to Tungsten Carbide within the world market in (2010-11), during the past seven (7) years, MHL Systems is again leading the industry by introducing into the Snow Plow Blade market unique (3′, 4′, 5′ & 6′) Interlocking [MAG500] Carbide Tungsten Insert Blades with Kennametal’s larger [Optional] Carbide Insert x (3/4″) tall.  We found that by using this [Optional] larger Tungsten Inserts added more Wear to the areas needing additional Wear-Life.  Therefore, a user can replace one or two sections of the Snow Plow Blade with whatever length needed.

The example of a (12′) Snow Plow Blade—one side using a (6′) Blade with the New (3/4″) tall inserts, and the other side with (2) x (3′) Blades with the industry [Std] smaller sizes (5/8″) tall inserts.  It might not sound like much, but within a (6′) Blade section with the taller insert delivers (18%) more usable Wear-Surface.

There are numerous combinations and possibilities such as a (4′) section with (3/4″) tall inserts Interlocked with one each (3′) & (4′) sections using the [Std] size x (5/8″) tall inserts for a (11′) Snow Plow Blade.

The possibilities are numerable when you consider interchanging (3′, 4′, 5′ & 6′) Carbide Blades with the [Optional] larger inserts with the industry [Std] smaller inserts.   It is as simple as elementary Math.


***LONG WEARING:  The Standard Interlocking Blades use an [MAG500] Wear-Material that is (3/4″) thick x 4″ wide.  It is positioned so that the abrasion-resistant Carbide Inserts receive maximum protection.  The design prevents loss of the Carbide Inserts and Premature failure of the Carbide Blade.

***LESS WASTE: Because the top edge of the [MAG500] Material is located 2″ above the top edge of the Carbide Inserts, all of the Carbide can be consumed in each blade throughout the entire length of the Snow Plow.  There is less to throw away and waste is minimized when the blade is finally worn out.

***CONSTRUCTION: Each (3′, 4′, 5′ & 6′) blade section is fabricated with (authentic & verified) Interlocking Joints that provide greater strength at the locations where the blades are joined together.  This ensures the blade is uniformly strong throughout the entire length.

***WEAR-INDICATORS:  The “V-Grooves” for welding are provided for each blade.  These also serve as “Wear-Indicators” and enable the operator or maintenance crew to see at a glance how much Carbide is left in each blade.

***UNIFORM WEAR: Because of the Bolt Hole Pattern, Carbide Dowel Segmented Blade Savers can be positioned on the Snow Plow so that additional Wear-Life can be provided in any part of the Snow Plow Blade.

***EASY TO INSTALL & EASY TO CHANGE:  The (3′, 4′, 5′ & 6′) blades are 6″ wide and easy to handle when being installed or changed.  The Plow Bolts used are also shorter than the Plow Bolts used in typical Carbide Blades with ordinary Impact Blades, requiring less labor and cost